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Flagyl is an effective antibiotic, which is used to treat a variety of infections, caused by bacteria or parasites. The drug has antiparasitic and antimicrobial properties and shows activity against many pathogenic microorganisms.

The active ingredient of Flagyl is the antibiotic Metronidazole (discovered over 50 years ago). Today, you can buy Flagyl in almost every pharmacy, incl. in pharmacies that sell antibiotics online.

Before you buy Flagyl, check with your doctor, which antibiotic forms are required to treat your condition. Flagyl is primarily introduced into the body in two ways*:

Oral administration

  • 375 mg oral capsules
  • 250 mg, 500 mg oral tablets
  • 750 mg extended release tablets

Intravenous administration

  • 500mg/100ml lyophilizate for injection solution
  • 500mg/100ml buffered solution

*On the UK, Australian and Canadian market, Flagyl is available not only as tablets and capsules, but also as oral suspension, rectal suppositories and cream.

Flagyl is supplied to the US pharmaceutical market by the companies Searle (a subsidiary of Pfizer) and Baxter. Despite the fact that Flagyl was created at the end of the last century, the drug is still in demand and is supplied to many countries of the world.

In addition to the original Flagyl, a large number of its low-cost generic versions is available on the international pharmaceutical market.


If Flagyl price seems high to you, you can buy its generics that are available under the international non-proprietary name Metronidazole and under proprietary trade names.

Top Flagyl generics:

  • Nuvessa
  • Metro
  • Vandazole
  • Noritate
  • Metrogel
  • Metrogyl
  • Metronide
  • Florazole
  • Nidagel
  • Metran
  • Metrolyl

Indications for use

If you buy Flagyl in a regular or online pharmacy, you will get a drug with a potent bactericidal effect. It he breaks the DNA replication and protein synthesis in the bacterial cell, which causes the death of bacteria. The drug is prescribed to patients of different age groups.

Flagyl may be administered to adults for the treatment of:

  • brain abscess, meningitis;
  • peritonitis, liver abscess;
  • lung abscess, pneumonia;
  • bacterial endocarditis;
  • dermatitis and poorly healing wounds;
  • trophic ulcers of the lower extremities;
  • trichomoniasis, amebiasis, amebic liver abscess;
  • bacterial vaginosis, endometritis, post-operative vaginal infections.

The antiprotozoal agent can also be administered as adjuvant therapy in the treatment of bone and joint infections in adults.

Children aged 1 year and older may be prescribed Flagyl for the treatment of amebiasis*

Postmenarchal adolescent girls can be prescribed Flagyl for the treatment of bacterial vaginosis.

* In some countries, like Canada, Australia, and the UK, Flagyl is also approved for the treatment of pediatric patients in giardiasis, acute ulcerative gingivitis, urogenital trichomoniasis.

Before starting Flagyl therapy, patients are recommended to be examined to determine the type of pathogen. This will reduce the likelihood of bacterial resistance to the medication and will help maintain the treatment effectiveness. Doctor will tell you how many Flagyl pills or solution to buy.

Dosing regimen

In severe infection, Flagyl is used intravenously. The patient can then be transferred to the oral antibiotic administration. Flagyl begins to act almost immediately after the introduction. Flagyl oral tablets and capsules should be taken an hour before or within two hours after a meal.

In the treatment of trichomoniasis, the dosing regimen can be as follows:

One-day treatment

The daily dose of 2 grams Flagyl, once or divided into 2 doses.

Seven - day course of treatment

The daily dose of 750 mg Flagyl, divided into three doses.

To treat amebiasis in adults, Flagyl is taken for 5-10 days.

Treat intestinal amebiasis

750 mg – three times at day

Treat amebic liver abscess

500 mg to 750 mg – three times a day

The duration of amebiasis treatment in children is 10 days. Children’s dose is calculated based on the child’s body weight. The recommended daily dose is 35 mg to 50 mg per kg of body weight, divided into three doses.

Flagyl for anaerobic bacterial infections

The therapeutic Flagyl dose is selected based on the patient’s body weight. The duration of the treatment course is usually 7-10 days. Treatment of endocarditis, infections of the lower respiratory tract, infections of bones and joints may take more time.

Intravenous administration of Flagyl may be prescribed to patients, who are not able to take oral antibiotics.

Oral route of administration

  • The recommended dose is 7.5 mg Flagyl per kg of body weight per day, every 6 hours.
  • The maximum daily dose should not exceed 4 g Flagyl.

Parenteral route of administration

  • Loading Dose – 15 mg Flagyl per kg of body weight, infused for at least one hour.
  • Maintenance dose – 7.5 mg Flagyl per kg of body weight, administered every 6 hours.

It should be noted that Flagyl solution is not available for sale in every online pharmacy. However, it is not that often used in medical practice. You can buy Flagyl tablets and capsules in many online pharmacies with home delivery.

Precautions and possible side effects of Flagyl

Flagyl should be used with caution in patients with impaired liver and kidney function. The daily dose of the drug is halved in patients with severe hepatic insufficiency. Dose adjustment may be required for patients on hemodialysis.

The use of Flagyl is contraindicated:

during the first trimester of pregnancy

in combination with Disulfiram (anti-alcohol medication)

in increased sensitivity to Metronidazole

Just like other antibiotics, Flagyl can cause side effects. However, not every patient will have them. During the drug use, most often reported adverse reactions manifest from the gastrointestinal tract, including diarrhea, loss of appetite, and abdominal cramps.

In addition to the mild transient adverse events, Flagyl can cause more serious unwanted effects, like fainting, depression, confusion, numbness, irritability and seizures. These effects require withdrawal of the drug and medical assistance.

Combined administration of Flagyl with alcohol-containing drinks increases the likelihood and intensity of side effects. Therefore, it is recommended to stop consuming alcohol during treatment to avoid health deterioration.

Drug interactions of Flagyl

Flagyl can alter the therapeutic effect of some drugs, just like other drugs can affect its effectiveness. Caution should be observed while using Flagyl with the following medications:

  • Busulfan (cytostatic drug);
  • Vecuronium (muscle relaxant);
  • Cyclosporin (immunosuppressant);
  • Warfarin (oral anticoagulant).


Can inhibit the metabolism of Flagyl and slows down its excretion.

Phenobarbital and Phenytoin

Can accelerate the elimination of Flagyl from the body and reduce its effectiveness.


In conjunction with Flagyl, can cause psychotic reactions.

Caution should be taken when taking Flagyl simultaneously with any prescription and OTC drugs or products that contain propylene glycol or alcohol.

Used in recommended therapeutic doses, the drug has a high efficiency and favorable safety profile.

Before Flagyl appeared on sale, it was evaluated for safety . Antibiotic successfully passed two randomized, multicenter, well-controlled, investigator-blind clinical trials, which confirmed its safety and therapeutic effectiveness.

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